PSS ITS Back Office Management

Our current back-office product offering involves the following functional modules:

Transaction Management

Transaction management involves generation of the financial transactions and storage in the database for processing and posting.

Core Financials

Core financials involves accounting and GL entries to for proper financial reconciliation and reporting.

Payment Processing

Involves interfacing with the payment gateways in processing the payment.


Involves interfacing and exchanging information with other similar operations.


Involves invoicing, billing and mailing the bills to clients using the back office operations.

DMV Interface

Involves interfacing with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) for the license plate check. This is very specific interface used in toll industry.

PayPal Integration

Involves seamless and automatic integration with PayPal for payment collection as part of back office operations.


This includes Traffic Analysis and simulations, Toll Violation Processing Centre, Toll Customer Service Centre, Toll Host Applications and Collections Systems.

All the above functional modules form a part of back-office operations for toll collections but can be easily customized for any other transaction based system operations.